Backyard Turf

Is there maintenance involved?

Yes there is. Turf should be rinsed and groomed occasionally. The frequency is determined by the activity level. For example, areas with a dog should be rinsed more often. It is also a good idea to have stepping stones or some form of path for a repeated, heavy traveled pattern through the turf.

Is your product good for pets?

Yes! And it is becoming extremely popular for animal hospitals, kennels and home owners with pets. Animal urine does not damage or fade the turf. What is most attractive is even with pets a green lawn can be sustained.

How do I keep the turf clean?

Simply rinse with water as needed. With pets, pick up solid waste and any residue can be spray cleaned. Rinse as frequently as needed to avoid odors which are a buildup of bacterial spores. Dura fill does not absorb external elements, which limits bacteria and odor as well as many other benefits. For a thorough cleaning which should be rarely needed-flush with a mixture of 50% white distilled vinegar and 50% water. Afterwards flush with water. This will neutralize all bacterial spores.

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